Table of Contents


What is a Table of Content?

A table of content refers to the titles or brief description of the important points of the thesis. These are the headers; first-level headers, second-level headers, third-level headers and so on. A first-level header may contain the name of the chapter or the title of the thesis. Second-level header carries the section titles also known as A-heads. In third-level heads or B-heads subsections are included. Shortly in research paper writing it is an organized list of parts of the thesis.

Importance of Table of Contents in Research Paper Writing what it shows?

In research paper writing table of contents plays a vital part. Table of content helps the reader to get an idea about what he is going to learn or read in the paper. He prepares his mind by looking over the table of contents about the material injected in the thesis. If the table of contents is given orderly then the reader do not have to go through the entire paper to find his niche point material.

In research paper writing an organized table of content represents the course in the thesis. It becomes very evident to the reader that the writer has gone deep inside his or her research, paper is properly edited and there is an order in the writing. It inflicts a great affect on the reader.

How to Create an Effective Table of Content?

First make an outline of the table of contents. Heed upon what you are intending to put in your thesis. Now organize the contents with respect to their importance. It will make a smooth stream of information given in the paper. Make different level headers. Put the title in first-level headers. In second-level header or A-header gives the brief description of the various sections of the thesis. In third-level header or B-header subsections are given. Here a bit detailed account of section titles is provided.

A table of content is an orderly list of injected components of the thesis. In research paper writing it provides a plain course to the reader. It shows the discipline in caliber of the writer. To make an effective table of contents make different level headers.